Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Plan "A" comes together

 Plan A was the first idea for hauling the trailer with a roll of hay out to the horse pasture. It had to be modified before we could try it because the trailer ball didn't fit through the hole in the back bumper of the tractor. The roll was put out with Lisa's wheeler instead. It was warm today, so I got the shaft of the ball ground down to fit and a hole drilled in it for a retaining clip.
 Next came the normal assembly of the tire chains and studs for the weights-
 followed by the installation of the weights. Two studs per wheel and get both weights put in and tightened up. Allen was right about it being a lot easier to put the chains on with the wheels off the ground -so thanks for the tip!
 Add the ball and retaining clip so you don't lose the ball along the way. That happened with the 4 wheeler last time. The trailer just kind of stopped following me. The old nut is most likely somewhere out in the pasture, never to be seen again.
I did hook up the trailer and tow it around the driveway to be sure it followed all right. We'll try the whole set-up in another week or so when the horses finish the current roll of hay.
And in another calf update, Diana got a case of bloat last week and didn't make it through that, but Rocky is still doing fine.

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